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Wedding Gowns

Box storage

Use only an acid-free box with acid-free tissue paper. Regular cardboard and tissue break down over time, damaging fabrics. Select a box that is large enough. Cramming your gown into a too-small box or folding it too many times can

Hanging storage

Plastic garment bags are a definite don’t-they give off undetectable fumes that can severely weaken and damage the garment fibers. It is essential that the gown be allowed to breathe, so that mold and mildew don’t have a chance to


After your gown is cleaned, it is important to store in a manner that will preserve it safely. First decide if you want store your gown hanging or folded. If your gown is strapless, has very thin straps, or is


Check garment care labels or any instructions that came with your gown and follow the instructions for best results. Most will recommend dry cleaning or professional wet-cleaning. Unlike traditional dry cleaning, which uses perchloroethylene, GreenEarth solvent will not damage the

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