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Spring is here! Spruce up your Spring fashion with GreenEarth®

Since Spring is here, it’s a fantastic time to freshen up your clothes for the upcoming style trends! When we think Spring, we think pastel, whites, and those vibrant fits that are hard to miss. It is much more than that, and 2022 has evolved the style into much more. Optical, black-and-white stripes from Courrèges and Tory Burch breathe new life into neutral colors. Try pairing these graphic pieces with bolder knits and accessories, like white tights and colorful hair accessories, for a mesmerizing and revitalizing look. (


Another hot trend is pattern clashing. There is no print too bold for spring 2022. ( blurred tie-dye and Proenza Schouler’s abstracted zebra patterns are just two ways to give your wardrobe an injection of new energy and levity. When in doubt, add another bright color or maximalist print to a look—it will be a conversation starter at the season’s parties. This is a helpful trend because there is always that crazy shirt we have buried in our closet that we always thought clashed with everything else we owned, but now, it’s the new thing to mix and match and become the confident stylistic person; that you have always been!


Another controversial style piece is stripes, which is also a huge up-and-coming style! Successful stripe-wearing is all in the styling. Take one striped piece as a focal point. The shirt is a great starting point: A nice frilled shirt, or a quaint long-sleeved version, is perfect to style with denim from wide-leg jeans to a mini skirt, finished with chunky loafers. A diagonal wraparound stripe can be easier to wear. A modern jumper in pastel hues looks great with crisp white wide-leg trousers. We Are Thought’s pink and white Breton is a fresh take on the nautical trend, as is a contrast sleeve in pink and red. Or go all-in like a fully striped ensemble for a maximum wow factor. A yellow and white striped seersucker mini dress with puff sleeves and a high neck is the perfect sundress and can be dressed up for an event with gold accessories. Meanwhile, the quickest way to cheer up an outfit is a colorful striped bag. A firm market bag makes the supermarket run joyful and will double as a beach or picnic bag. (


With all this info, it might be overwhelming at first, but we can all agree we can finally take out those dust collectors buried in our closet and style them for the world to see, and that’s where GreenEarth® comes in!


It’s important to clean your garments properly, especially when they have been in storage for quite some time. Safe for your fashion treasures, GreenEarth is a kinder clean; save for people and the planet. GreenEarth dry cleaning takes better care of fabrics whilst maintaining the look and feel of your clothing investment so you can love it longer.  We combine sustainable dry cleaning and professional training to provide the premium care your clothes deserve.


Allow us to bring out those funky patterns, those vibrant colors, and those confident stripes so you can thrive this Spring Season! Look for a GreenEarth Dry Cleaner near you.

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