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Dry Cleaning/Laundry


Standard Machine Finished Laundry men’s collared cotton shirts: $5.29

Deluxe Hand Finished Laundry men’s shirts: $6.29

Dry clean shirts: $8.79

Polo shirts: $8.79

Sweaters: $9.59

Blouses: $8.79

Pants: $8.99

Shorts: $8.99

Sport coats: $11.79

¾ coats: $18.99

Long Coats: $20.99+

Two piece suits: $21.59

Ties: $8.99

Short dresses: $16.99+

Long dresses: $18.99+

Formal Dresses: $29.99+

Comforters: $40 – $65

Wedding gown cleaning: $275+

Wedding gown cleaning and preservation: $345+

Wash n Fold: $3.99/lb (10lb min.)

* All prices are subject to additional charges based on finishing, fabric, layers, beading, complexity of the work, etc. 

 *Prices will vary based on service areas.  Please call for more detailed pricing.

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