Dry Cleaning/Laundry


Standard Machine Finished Laundry men’s collared cotton shirts: $3.99

Deluxe Hand Finished Laundry men’s shirts: $4.99

Dry clean shirts: $6.99

Polo shirts: $6.69

Sweaters: $7.39

Blouses: $6.99

Pants: $6.99

Shorts: $6.99

Sport coats: $9.39

¾ coats: $16.19

Long Coats: $18.19+

Two piece suits: $15.99

Ties: $6.79

Short dresses: $11.99+

Long dresses: $13.99+

Comforters: $35 – $50

Wedding gown cleaning: $125+

Wedding gown cleaning and preservation: $245+

Wash n Fold: $2.99/lb (10lb min.)

* All prices are subject to additional charges based on finishing, fabric, layers, beading, complexity of the work, etc. 

Some prices will vary based on service areas.  Please call for more detailed pricing.

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