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sustainable dry cleaning

Reclaim your weekends!

We offer an affordable way to get your laundry done. Join our Laundry Club for only $10 and you’ll receive a free personalized bag to place your dirties in and $10 OFF your 1st order. Fit as much as you can in the bag with the drawstring closed for only $49! This is a savings of up to 20% per lb., compared to our normal wash n fold pricing of $3.99 per pound. Not to mention, we use all environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic detergents! Schedule your pickup here. Now you’ll have more time to enjoy the things you love!

What to expect from us

  • Your pockets will be checked for anything that doesn’t belong in the wash.
  • We wash lights and dark’s separately so your clothes will look great.
  • Your laundry will be cleaned according to the label instruction.
  • Your clothes will be washed separately from anyone else’s.
  • What you fit in the bag (drawstring closed) will be washed up to 16lbs. (only $2.99 per additional pound)
sustainable dry cleaning

What types of garments

  • Items that don’t need pressing like:
  • Shirts & T-shirts
  • Pants & Shorts
  • Undergarments & Socks
  • Towels & Bed Sheets

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