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Veribest Cleaners picks up & delivers for Free!

Subscribe to our convenient and easy service. Twice weekly we’ll come to your home or office at no extra cost* ($3.99 service charge orders under $30)

Mission Hills, Hillcrest (92103), Beaches (92109 & 92037), Mission Valley (92111 & 92117), Kensington (92116), Coronado (92118), Del Cerro, San Carlos (92120), South Park (92104), Downtown (92101)

Pick Up and Delivery takes place on Mondays / Thursdays or Tuesdays / Fridays depending on your area.

Try our pick up & delivery service today and

receive $10.00 off your first order

How it Works

STEP 1. Fill out your information on our online sign up form or give us a call 619-574-8893 or text 619-823-8893

STEP 2. We’ll contact you back immediately to let you know your delivery schedule. We will require a credit card number on file to begin service.

STEP 3. Leave your clothes by your door and we’ll come by and pick it up. We’ll deliver it back and place it wherever you designate. You will receive a reusable dry cleaning bag and a door hook if you need one.


If you spend an average of $50.00 on dry cleaning a month, then YES. If you like saving money, saving time and saving gas, then YES. If you care about the environment, want your clothes taken care of by a professional, socially responsible and reputable company, then YES. There’s no obligation, no contracts, no fees. We’ll even handle your alterations, just leave us a note and let us know what needs to be done. If you don’t want to subscribe and you might need our service every other month, call us, we’ll already be delivering to your neighbors. If you need anything rushed, just stop by Veribest Cleaners and we will make it happen.

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